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Nafis / December 31, 2020

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Just the other day, while working on a project, it was pointed out that the pricing was not aligned properly. We had to add 2 zeros after the decimal point to make the significant digits stand out, and make the numbers appropriately aligned. So essentially, we wanted to have:

2 => 2.00
0.2 => 0.20

It was clear that we had to do some kind of formatting on the numbers.

We could easily go for a full-blown number formatting library/package like numeral.js, but it wouldn't make sense to add a new dependency and increase the bundle size for such a simple requirement of ours. Hence, here's a handy format function:

const format = (x) => {
    if (!x || typeof x !== 'number') {
        return x // return whatever the value of x is

    const numStr = x.toString() // convert number to string
    const float = Number.parseFloat(numStr) // convert to float
    return float.toFixed(2)

Or, a nice and simple one-liner (typescript version) ūüėĪ

const format = (x:number) :number => Number.parseFloat(x.toString()).toFixed(2)

While the one-liner is concise and compact, I went with the verbose one to make sure the util function is clear and readable. Thanks for reading, enjoy! ūüéČ

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