How I fell in love with Tailwind


Nafis / January 10, 2021

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It was quite some time ago. When I was scrolling through twitter, scrolling through the endless tweets of people pledging the #100DaysOfCode challenge, Javascript devs announcing their new framework, CSS fanboys showing off their cool CSS-only animation on codepen, up-and-coming devs spreading their love for react, and hate for Angular. You know, a typical day on twitter :)

Amidst all of that, tech twitter was busy weighing the pros of this new CSS framework. Tailwind, was it's name... I thought to myself, and there goes another one.

Discovering Tailwind

Tailwind was different from any other existing framework at the time. It looked much better, more efficient and promised rapid development. Who doesn't love that :D. But, seeing the measely few hundred stars on github (the one deciding factor for framework-greatness), I thought to myself, "You have a long way to go, amigo... let's see if you can survive a year or two at least, then I'll come back to you, and I'll learn you, and I'll use you in production. And that's a promise." And then I bookmarked the site, and I left, and I never visited again... but not for long :)

Tailwind Today

Reasons To Use Tailwind

Having been used Tailwind in production for no less than 3 professional projects (and numerous personal ones) - I can tell, it is a pleasure to work with. And here is why -

  1. Rapid Development:
  2. Easy to Learn:
  3. Easy to Do Responsiveness:
  4. Easy to Extend
  5. Production Ready:
  6. Consistent Design System

A (shallow) Comparison With Other Frameworks


Loving Tailwind the more I'm using it.

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